Advanced Medical Skin Care

If you want to see change in the skin, ingredients need to communicate to the cells that are in the dermal layer (layer beneath the epidermis). Our ingredients are safe, natural, non-toxic, as well as, very effective. Best results are achieved in a series of 4-6 peels. We have helped many clients in the Breckenridge area see great results with our advanced medical skin care services.

If you have questions about our peels read our Peel FAQ.

Breckenridge Salon Services Skin Care

Purity Peel 
A moderate depth peel that is calming, great for acne skin.

Timeless Peel 
30% Vitamin A for significant cell turn over and collagen production (anti-aging), oil regulating, hyperpigmentation

Jessner Peel 
Blueberry extract and L-Lactic acid is used for acne, superficial hyperpigmentation

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